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Administration Work
It‘s All In the Details
We make sure that your retirement plan follows the rules and helps everybody save for retirement.



We handle all of the administrative aspects of your retirement plan so you and your staff don’t have to. These services include:

  • Calculation of all necessary contribution amounts – match, profit sharing, etc. 

  • Perform all IRS compliance testing

  • Prepare all applicable tax forms – 5500 with Schedules, 1099-R, 945, 1096 and the Summary Annual Report

  • Prepare all distribution and loan forms signature ready

  • Prepare periodic statements – frequency varies with each client

  • We monitor the plan for enhancement from any new tax updates

Our clients never have to complete a form for the retirement plan. We prepare all forms ready for our clients review and signature. We also coordinate distributions and loans with either the participant or advisor so the client only deals with the final authorization. 

Contact us now to help streamline your plan administration.

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