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Daily Valuation Online
Additional Flexibility
View balances online, transfer funds, change investment elections and more.

Daily Valuation


Benefit Solutions, Inc. is the only West Virginia administration firm that offers in house Daily Valuation services for its clients. Our Daily Valuation Services include the following:

  • We value each participant’s account daily

  • We provide password secured internet account access for each participant to

    • view account balances

    • change investment elections

    • transfer funds

    • view loan balances.

  • Mail quarterly statements to each participant’s home

  • Provide a quarterly compilation statement to the employer and advisor

The advantage of having Benefit Solutions, Inc. provide your Daily Valuation services is that we do it independently. We have no direct relation with any investment provider. This allows you the most flexibility with your plan’s investments. You choose your advisor. With most advisors, you can include in your plan most any mutual fund family available, professional money managers, and Exchange Traded Funds (also known as i-shares). Contact us today to learn more about Daily Valuation and how it can give you the most competitive and flexible plan around.


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