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Consulting Meeting
Objectives & Goals
The foundation of the retirement plan that is best suited for your business.



The consulting phase is the most important aspect of your retirement plan. It is during this phase that we learn what our client’s objectives and goals are for their plan. Once we know the client’s objectives, it is really a five step process:


  1. Review the employee census of the client

  2. Run illustrations to determine the type of plan that will meet the client’s objectives

  3. Review illustrations with the client for final determination of plan type

  4. Decide on plan provisions like eligibility, loans, distributions, etc.

  5. Implement the plan


Implementing a retirement plan is similar to any construction project. If the foundation is not secure, the project will eventually fall down around you. If you are thinking of starting a retirement plan or want to see if your current plan can be improved, please contact us.  

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